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Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay Find and Compare Products from Leading Brands and Retailers at Product Shopper. Best Online Price Comparison Site. We make Shopping Online Easy and Fun Sabers. PC Sabers; Quest Sabers; Platforms; Playlists. PC Playlist Mod; BeatList Playlist Tool; Community Playlists; Curated Playlists; Tutorials; Log In; Search. Most Viewed WEEK MONTH ALL. Audica Big Blast Sonic - Little V (Audica) 7 days ago. 1914 views. Audica Guardian - Lindsey Stirling (Audica) 6 days ago. 1836 views. Audica LeaveMeAlone - IDKHOW (Audica) 5 days ago. 1333 views. Beat Saber has your back. Beat Saber is a Virtual Reality game involving awesome music, cool light shows, dodging glowing walls, and slicing boxes with laser swords to the beat. But what if the typical laser sword isn't your thing? Well, thankfully people have thought of that and found a solution. Here are the top ten best custom sabers. 10.

# Custom Sabers # Installation. If you are on PC, the latest Custom Saber plugin can be found in the #pc-mods channel in the BSMG discord or in Mod Assistant. If you are on the quest, the custom sabers mod can be found in the Qosmetics Community discord. Run ModAssistant, select the Custom Saber plugin, and click Install. Once you've installed it you will see a folder called CustomSabers in. Copy the .saber files (custom sabers you just downloaded) in to this folder on your PC (if you have Steam installed on C drive): C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Beat Saber\CustomSabers 7

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Schritt 7: Beat Saber starten und Custom Songs auswählen. Startet eure Oculus Quest (2) neu. Öffnet das App-Menü und startet Beat Saber. Möglicherweise müsst ihr dem Spiel danach Berechtigungen erteilen. Poppt das entsprechende Fenster nach dem Starten nicht automatisch auf, dann klickt im App-Menü bei Beat Saber auf die drei Punkte und wählt Berechtigungen. Aktiviert die App. Sabers are loaded from the CustomSabers folder in your beat saber directory; You can select sabers in game from the Saber Menu button in the mods section found on the Release Notes menu, left of the Main menu; For developers Contributing to Custom Sabers. In order to build this project, please create the file CustomSaber.csproj.user and add. Basic Light Sabers. Raphpower. Install Download Details. SimpX. Parapass. Custom Colors Custom Trails Thin. Install Download Details. dotCorrupt. Mdot. Custom Colors Custom Trails Full Combo Effect BSMG Halloween Contest. Install Download Details. Mystery Skulls Katana. KoenfuPanda . Dynamic Bones. Install Download Details. Galaxy Default V2. thot dog. Custom Colors Custom Trails Galaxy. -----­--- WEBSITE - www.F4CEpa1m.com -----­--- If you feel like helping this channel g..

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5. On the '#finished-sabers' tab, download a .saber file and drop that in to the 'Custom Sabers' folder I just mentioned You can copy multiple .saber files to this folder and select them individually in game Start Beat Saber and when in main menu, look to bottom right for custom saber selection menu That's it. Full video tutorial here: x_ CustomNotes adds the ability to swap out the default notes with custom ones in Beat Saber. Installation Instructions. Download the latest version of CustomNotes from any current mod manager. To change which note model is used, simply select a different note in the Mod settings for CustomNotes in-game. Notice . While a custom note is being used AND you are either playing with the Ghost Notes. There are 50,000+ custom levels available for Beat Saber. This article will help you find what you want and then get playing—whether or not you have a BeastSaber account! When in doubt, the latest and greatest information can be found on the Beat Saber Modding Group Wiki. Finding Custom Songs on BeastSabe

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A Beat Saber mod that let's you create custom sabers in-gam PC sabers are not compatible, qsabers need the qsaber mod together with the actual saber. Old asset sabers are not really supported anymore, only a very few still work at all. If it only says May not be compatible in yellow, you can just enable the saber anyways in the mods tab, that just means the version number doesn't match the BS version Beat Saber Modding Group. DiscordのビートセイバーMODコミュニティは、下記のリンクから参加できます。 「Beat Saber Modding Group」(URLは招待コードです) サーバーへ参加したら、左側のチャンネル一覧から「# finished-sabers」を選択してください。このチャンネルから. @RedBrumbler#6295 's (or u/RedBrumbler) Guide to making custom beat saber logo's for the BMBF Asset replacement mod. CoEdited by Yuuki#0802. Click here to go back to the main guide. Useful Links [BMBF](nothing here yet) Sidequest Discord; Beat Saber Modding Group Discord (BSMG) Custom Sabers; Custom Blocks/Notes; Other Asset Mods; Required Programs and Files for Making a Saber: Image editing. When Beat Saber updates, your custom maps may or may not be intact/enabled. For example, previous updates (such as going from 1.6 to 1.7 of Beat Saber) did not disable or remove any custom maps.

Beat Saber is one of the best titles on the Oculus Quest. Audica has a slightly higher initial learning curve than Beat Saber, but if you get past that initial challenge (There are 50,000+ custom levels available for Beat Saber. I had around 15-20 installed and could only see one page. How To Get Custom PC Sabers on the Oculus Quest! We've. Beat Saber. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. Welcome to BeatMods. A Beat Saber mod repository maintained by the Beat Saber Modding Grou

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Hey, if you want to support me, you can donate through PayPal to my email ([email protected] Beat Saver ist ein Mod, der es ermöglicht, eigens erstellte Songs von anderen Nutzern in dein Game einzubinden. Also eine Erweiterung für Beat Saber, denn standardmäßig beinhaltet der Titel noch relativ wenig Lieder. Hier eine kurze Einleitung wie ihr die Lieder in eurer Spiel integriert Custom Sabers not working. Help. So I downloaded the mod installer a while back and also some custom sabers. In the game I clicked on saber menu on the right and there they where! The sabers I downloaded where just to test out so finally I chose the standard Neo Katanas. Now everytime I try to get in the saber menu, my screen freezes for half a second and then nothing happens. I tried. Secret Sentinel I was asked to design a saber influenced by my Desert Dragon design, for a Jedi Sentinel of the Old Republic. It has the Krayt Bone™ and Krayt pearl crystal mad. Vector DISCONTINUED OCTOBER 2020 My third production saber design preceded by the Ascend and Badaxx, this is a sleek new hilt to enter the fray. The Vecto. Badaxx Curved Saber Ever since my first run of Bane Curved. Weird futuristic looking saber. feel free to contact me on discord at Wolven#8008 with any saber ideas or requests :

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Welcome to ModelSaber! ModelSaber is a repository for Avatars, Sabers, Platforms, and Bloqs. If you have the Mod Assistant installed, you can simply click on the Install buttons to automatically install these models.. If you don't, you can still Download them manually.. Now with a dark secret.... If you want to learn to make your own, visit the guides for Avatars, Sabers, Platforms, and Bloqs Saber Factory Parts Custom Sabers Workshop Discord. It's dangerous to go alone! Take this. current plugin version: Download Launcher. Download DLL Download Content Download Preset. Sabertrio is a team of custom saber enthusiasts who hopes to share their passion of it with everybody else. We make high-grade, well-built, duel ready custom sabers with a quality level that you would expect of an elegant weapon from a more civilized age. And if you prefer to build your own saber, we hope that our assortment of components will help you achieve that Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game made and released by Beat Games. The player is placed on a surreal Neon Noir land and has you chopping up blocks coming your way that are representations of either musical beats or song lyrics with two colored sabers Home › Custom Sabers. Empty hilt. Empty hilt; Saber accessories. Saber accessories; Soundboard. Asteria v1.5 TC; Asteria v2 NP; Basic; Basic RGB; Basic Stunt; Proffie board; Tier . T1 Affordable Starter Sabers; T2 The Warrior Level; T3 THE ROYAL LEVEL; Custom Sabers. Sort by. Filters. Flyte - The Affordable Combat Saber NEW NOV 2020. Sale price $89.00 USD $89.00 USD Save $50.00 USD. Ultimate.

'Beat Saber' is a VR Fusion of DDR and Lightsaber Combat

Custom saber mods requested by Vincent On discord. The swords are from 'Sword Art Online'. The download includes the mesh .fbx files if you want to change anything and also the .saber files for the custom sabers folder for your game. If you would like to request a custom saber feel free and I'll do it first chance I get The install process for installing custom sabers in Beat Saber has changed a few times the past 12 months but it's still super easy to setup. Here is an updated, 100% working tutorial to get you sorted in 5 minutes or less. Video tutorial link at the end for those who prefer: 1 Now the largest saber production company in the USA, we are committed to achieving our goal of perfecting the art of the saber. Sabers. Customize from 100+ different sabers and six distinct types. Shop Sabers. Saber Parts. Shop from over 200 individual Adaptive Saber Parts. Shop Parts. Electronics . Soundboards, LEDs, pre-wired kits, and more. Shop Electronics. Our Saber Guarantee. All. CUSTOM LIGHTSABERS FROM ULTRA SABERS: THE GALAXY'S GREATEST LIGHTSABER ARSENAL. Construct a Lightsaber from millions of combinations to find your true calling as a Jedi Master! Ultra Sabers is known throughout the galaxy for our high-end Lightsabers. Whether you're searching for a custom lightsaber blade to call your own or a Star Wars FX Lightsaber replica conversion, UltraSabers is ready to.

To use SyncSaber BeatSync you need to install the mod and link to a Beast Saber account. I recommend this method because if you ever have to reinstall, then getting all of your favorite songs back is much easier than manually picking and choosing again. Launch Beat Saber and enter your bsaber.com username in settings Beat Saber recently moved from Early Access to a full release, and now, at least on PC, you can use an included Level Editor to create your own tracks with your own music. Here's how to get. Beat Saber is one of the most popular VR games around. However, not only is the rhythm game popular for its base game and DLC tracks, but also for its huge custom map community. There's a wealth of great community maps available online, and with a little bit of tinkering you can start playing some fantastic custom maps in Beat Saber Saber Modifications & Customs. Lets see all your personal custom sabers and modifications! 27442 Posts 1911 Topics Last post by Nemezis in Re: My first build - or on November 15, 2020, 10:55:47 AM Child Boards: Luke ROTJ V2 Sabers : Forum Gallery. Post your Lightsaber pics in here! 41487 Posts 2668 Topics Last post by eastern57 in Re: #Flashgun Challenge on Today at 07:24:05 PM LED. This guide shows you how to fix custom songs and mods in Beat Saber after an update. Rest assured, all of the songs you've downloaded are still there

Whoops! It looks like you are lost. Let's get you back home Custom avatars; Custom sabers, platforms and other aesthetics; Enhanced Score Tracking with a world-wide scoreboard; In-Game Custom Song Downloading and so much more ; You might even say that Beat Saber's ultimate success is largely due to the fact that the community has provided endless content and extended the functionality in ways that a small development studio could never do alone.

[Top 10] Best Beat Saber Custom Sabers; Top 3 Best Beat Saber Headsets; Top 15 Best Beat Saber Songs; Share this Article: facebook; twitter; reddit; whatsapp; email; More on this topic: Beat Saber; Ariel Wach. A story writer with a soft spot for dragons, I am an animal lover, enjoy fantastical stories with lovable characters, and will explore the dark corners of every game mapunless there. Custom Songs and Unofficial Expansions (If you are already familiar with Beat Saber and song mapping you can skip this section)Beat Saber is a popular VR rhythm game where players use sabers to. Jumping, for instance, happens automatically as you make your way through the map. You can, however, destroy the Goomba's with your sabers as if striking standard note blocks. Those interested in trying the map out for themselves will need a copy of Beat Saber as well as several additional mods, including Chroma and Noodle Extensions. Download Custom Songs. In order to find songs that will work with Beat Saber, you can visit a site like Beat Saver, which aggregates custom songs, complete with ratings and comments.All the songs.

Tracks made using the official PC Level Editor will be compatible with the standalone release. This past week, Briant Tate, creator of Beat Saber modding group Beast Saber, was able to modify Beat Saber on the Oculus Quest to support custom tracks not included as part of the original song packs. Yesterday, Beat Saber developer Beat Games confirmed that official support for custom levels. For today, we want to know if you would continue playing Beat Saber if it didn't have any custom song support. Facebook recently updated its Content Guidelines for Oculus Quest to include a new.

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game where your goal is to slash the beats which perfectly fit into precisely handcrafted music Beat Saber(ビートセイバー)のMOD「CustomPlatforms」(CustomFloorPlugin)を紹介します。カスタムプラットフォームは、床やステージ全体をバニラとは全く別の見た目に変更できるMODです。導入方法と使い方を解説します Custom avatars; Custom sabers, platforms and other aesthetics; Enhanced Score Tracking with a world-wide scoreboard ; In-Game Custom Song Downloading and so much more; You might even say that Beat Saber's ultimate success is largely due to the fact that the community has provided endless content and extended the functionality in ways that a small development studio could never do alone.

Beat Sage is an AI that creates free custom levels for Beat Saber. You can select a song from Youtube and our system will output a Beat Saber map that is matched with. This list contains custom beat saber songs that are visually stunning, and they show that Beat Saber is not just a rhythm VR Game. The beat saber community is one of the most active, supportive, and engaging communities I've ever seen. Because the beat saber community always makes this game more enjoyable as fresh, new, stunning songs are consistently designed and developed by the awesome. Never has Beat Saber been a better tool for keeping fit in VR than in the current crisis the planet is facing. With that in mind, the VR juggernaut just released a brand new, fitness-focused song Beat Laser Saber challenge app is a unique guide videos to custom rhythm game where your goal is to slash the beats. Every beat need to be slash and laser saber is all you need to use. All the music is custom and composed to perfectly fit and enjoyable. Each beat cut is strongly make a great sound and visual effects every beat to the rhythm.

Beat Saber v1.4.0リリース、PC版Modには影響なし。Quest版は対応待ち . 2019年10月5日、Beat Saberの最新バージョン1.4.0がリリースされました。 今回のアップデートはDLCの追加と細かなバグ修正のみで、PC版Modへの影響はほぼありません。 v1.4.0のアップデート内容 D... noshilog.com. 2019.10.05. スポンサーリンク. This guide will show you how to get a simple custom trail working on your sabers. It assumes you have already followed MissRaynor's Guide for Custom Sabers. If you haven't looked at that yet, please do so before continuing with this guide. You will need an image editing software such as Photoshop, GIMP or Paint.net If you are editing / creating your own trail texture. The Custom Trail Script. Beat Saber Custom Songs. Ersteller des Themas Desertfox01; Erstellungsdatum 30. November 2019; D. Desertfox01 Lt. Junior Grade. Dabei seit Aug. 2017 Beiträge 258. 30. November 2019 #1 Guten Abend. Custom Sabers セイバーの見た目を変更する。別途「.saber」ファイルが必要 v2.8.6: 19/04/24: Custom Platforms ステージの見た目を変更する。別途「.plat」ファイルが必要 v2.8.0: 19/04/14: Custom Avatars アバターを導入する。別途「.avatar」ファイルが必要 v4.6.2: 19/04/14: Custom MenuText タイトル(BEAT SABER)をランダムで.

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  1. Beat Saber is an immersive rhythm experience you have never seen before! Enjoy tons of handcrafted levels and swing your way through the pulsing music beats, surrounded by a futuristic world. Use your sabers to slash the beats as they come flying at you - every beat indicates which saber you need to use and the direction you need to match. With Beat Saber you become a dancing superhero.
  2. ビートセイバー(Beat Saber)にCustom Avatarを導入して、アバターを使えるようにする方法を紹介します。カスタムアバターとは?三人称カメラにキャラクターを映したり、HMD上の一人称視点にもプレイヤーの腕などを表示させたりすることができます。 noshilog.com. 2018.10.03. Custom Saber. セイバーの見.
  3. g to hang, manually set permissions by clicking the three dots while hovering over the Beat Saber icon in your library. Inside Beat Saber, go into SOLO and look at the options along the bottom. Along with your OST.

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Beat Saber - Custom songs #2. In this game, one slashes blocks as they come at them with two sabers. How to Load Beat Saber Custom Songs Fast [5 Minutes] October 20, 2020 October 19, 2020 by admin. The Rocket League x Monstercat Music Pack features six songs from Rocket League's soundtrack, including a new song. Beat Saber Font Generator. BMBF works with Beat Saber 1. After seeing on twitter. Luckily for us, there is now Beat Saver, a platform for custom Beat Saber levels. It can get tricky on Expert mode if you aren't used to crossing your left and right sabers. In fact, the charting of this custom map is full of cheap outs and obstacles that can leave you in the dust, which is why it's such a pleasure to complete. Expect to burn 50-100 calories with This Is America when. Fully working custom sabers for beat saber. Download file includes.FBX for the sabers and the.saber file to put into the custom sabers folder. Leave saber requests if you want and i'll do them if I have time. For more free custom sabers find 'Mini rolls' on the official beat saber discord in the 'Finished-Sabers' section The older version of the dual swiftfs mk. II. Free custom saber download for beat saber, includes the .fbx so you can edit it and the .saber file. Original concept. Credit me if you use this for anything other than beatsaber, thanks. If you want to request custom sabers for free you can message me on discord or whatever (Mini rolls) and I'll do them when I can

Beat Saber To Include Custom Sabers In New Update Beat Saber and Beat Studios recently took to twitter to announce something they have been working on for some time now. The next update to Beat Saber is going to include ability to pick the colors of the sabers, blocks, and even the environment around you GalaxyV2! This is a culmination of everything I've learned so far creating sabers. Thank you to everyone who has helped me come this far and I'm very excited to make more sabers in the future. If any issues, DM Altair#7704 on discord

TehSuperToilet's Beat Saber Custom Maps. Members. TehSuperToilet (tehsupertoilet) Lists. Announcements. Revamping lists soon tm I am working on remaking most of the songs I already charted since a good chunk of them are dated and need a rework, so dont expect any new charts anytime soon-ish I am planning on adding song links to the description of each card as they are charted. There will be a. Beat Saber; Custom tracks; User Info: shintenshi. shintenshi 1 year ago #1. Regarding the topic of custom tracks, I've read that they are working on possibly implementing it on the PSVR version. I think the more successful the game gets on the system, the more they will bring to it. Meanwhile, the tailor designed tracks are amazing. We need to remember though custom function is nice, the.

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Welcome to the Beat Saber Modding Group Wiki! External Links. Join the Discord server! BSMG Patreon - Support the BSMG Services!; BeatMods - Repository of mods that are reflected in installers like ModAssistant; BeatSaver - Download custom songs here; BeastSaber - Reviews, articles, playlists, and more!; ModelSaber - Download custom sabers, avatars, bloqs, and platforms Each CNC machined saber is assembled and hand crafted in my own shop. They are solidly built of aluminum and suitable for duelling. They come with the latest Crystal Shard sound card from Plecter Labs, and have the option of a single colour dedicated blade or the multicolour blade setup with 14 colour presets! GCS production series sabers are truly art you can fight with. Creed. I've had in. From sabers to notes, custom models have always been a popular aspect of modded beat saber which wouldn't be possible without them. # Mappers. Each of your favorite maps is carefully crafted and tested over many hours by a talented mapper. As much as we'd love to include them here too, there are WAY too many of them. If you like someone's maps, give it a thumbs up in game, review it on. <p>EDM Franky Nuts - Lose Control (ft. Danyka Nadeau) 7 days ago. Every Blizzard game is crafted with great care, devotion and attention. 1555 views. Well, look no further. </p> <p>An action MMORPG based on the acclaimed D&D fantasy game, epic stories and classic roleplaying await. Danceable PickleTech Halloween Map Pack. Press J to jump to the feed. Making your own Beat Saber custom maps. — Beat Saber (@BeatSaber) August 7, 2019 Its developers will be making the ability to colour blocks, sabers, walls and lighting more official, within the game itself. This is great news for anyone who would love to customise their Beat Saber experience without any experience in modding the game through SideQuest

Setting Up Beat Saber First, download and run the ModSaber Installer from GitHub. Scroll down until you find the Darth Maul Plugin under Gameplay Changes, select the checkbox, and then select Install/Update. This will add new options to Beat Saber that will allow you to take advantage of your double-bladed controllers Custom songs for Beat Saber are one of the best reasons to keep coming back to the veritable VR rhythm game. While the official team at Beat Saber has delivered dozens of new songs since its..

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How To Mod Beat Saber; Go to Beat Saber Mod Group Discord: 5. On the '#finished-sabers' tab, download a.saber file and drop that in to the 'Custom Sabers' folder I just mentioned You can copy multiple.saber files to this folder and select them individually in game Most unofficial custom Beat Saber songs are unlicenced uses of the music. The company also expressed frustration at the quality of mods, which could lead to bad reviews for the game itself. The.. Unfortunately, until somebody finds a way around this, your choices are - original Beat Saber with multiplayer and no custom tracks, or modded Beat Saber with custom tracks or no multiplayer! Quest 2 IS supported, but BMBF must be open and visible in the headset in order for you to be able to connect through your PC! — You may see the icon suggesting that BMBF has lost connection after.

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Beat Saber Custom Sabers Download. Go to the Beat Saber modding Discord. Download the latest version of the mod. Extract it to the Beat Saber folder (instructions on how to find this on Steam in the video if you have issues) And now, Comcast has added a new capability to its Xfinity TV Player app that enables customers to download content from the Internet directly to their mobile device, so. Yet there were many sabers I had admired but were never available. I wanted to always have every characters saber from the movie. That was the end goal for me. On a hunt to find a saber inspired by that of Qui-Gon Jinn I discovered the custom saber community. I had seen amazing pieces of art and creation and was just fixated on making my own

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Beat Saber Quest is striving to be the most comprehensive website for Beat Saber, BMBF and supporting the custom song community. Just some of the topics we cover here: Quick Switching of Beat Saber versions using Playlist Editor Pro (New!) Risks Involved with Modding Beat Saber (New!) Learning and installing ScoreSaber; Installing BMBF (Updated 2020-10-18) Uninstalling BMBF or Uninstalling. Unfortunately Beat Saber on PSVR cannot be modded to support custom songs, so this guide only applies to the Oculus and SteamVR versions of the game. If you already installed custom songs but they..

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As we looked around the world of custom sabers, we felt there was a huge opportunity for someone to really do it right—to not only create a high quality custom saber that's durable and built to last, but also to make it affordable and quickly available for fans of all ages, anywhere in the world. And that's exactly what we did when we created Kyberlight! Kyberlight—One Saber. Unlimited. Download/Installation. To play the campaign, first make sure you have Custom Campaigns mod installed. The best way to do this is by using the Beat Saber ModAssistant, which if you don't already have go ahead and get it here.. Secondly, use the download links below to get the campaign .zip files, then extract the three folders inside .zip to the CustomCampaigns folder located in your Beat Saber. One of those many mods Beat Saber players have at their disposal has to do with Darth Maul as well by merging the two sabers into the villain's signature weapon. It's not quite as practical as.. Where to Download Custom Beat Saber Songs. There are two important Beat Saber sites to know about. 1. Beat Saver: An online repository where anyone can upload their custom beatmaps to share with other Beat Saber players. The interface is a bit primitive so I don't like to use this site very much, but it's the best place to go if you want to stay up-to-date on the freshest tracks. 2. Beast.

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Beat Saber OST Vol. 3. listen now. Monstercat music pack vol. 1 Imagine Dragons Music Pack Panic! At The Disco Rocket League X Monstercat Green Day Music Pack Timbaland Music Pack. Limited Edition Subpac. Buy Now. THE GAME AWARDS. BEST VR/AR GAME 2019. D.I.C.E. AWARDS. IMMERSIVE REALITY GAME OF THE YEAR 2018. GAMERS' CHOICE AWARDS . FAN FAVORITE VR GAME 2018. UNITY AWARDS. BEST VR GAME 2018. I got addicted to Beat Saber a while ago, and got enveloped into the modded community pretty quickly. I've had a lot of fun playing the game, and even more fun streaming it in the months that I've done so. Ever since I first started out playing, I wanted my very own custom sabers, so I spent some time learning how to use Blender and Unity in order to make them myself

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Beat Saber 1.5.0のMOD導入, Custom Avatar作成, 曲追加, Camera Plus設定, 録画方法までの説明をしています。この通りやったらできたという事実だけを示し. どの環境下でも動作を保証するものではないです Beat Saber should be one of it's killer apps, but I do wish there was a developer-supported method of getting access to custom songs, or a Spotify-like feature. I can't see the average. 【VR】Beat Saber Ver 1.8や1.9以降でカスタムアバターを使う方法、MODの適応【7月現在最新版対応】 なとり@管理人 2020年4月7日 / 2020年7月27日 先日の新しいVRマシン購入により私の中でVRゲームブームが来ていま Beat Saberって、やっぱり、プレイがカッコイイです。 思いません?だって、斜め下からズッシャって切り上げたり、豪快にザッシュって振り払ったり。 クリックすると、なかに、Custome Sabersフォルダと、Pluginsフォルダが入っているので、両方を選択してあげて、Steam上に、ドラッグアンド.

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