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  1. GoFitness Push Down Machine - Chest Expander Portable Gym Equipment for Exercise at Home, Office or Travel - Upper Body Workout: Build Muscle, Strength Training. 4.2 out of 5 stars 468. $59.99 $ 59. 99 $69.99 $69.99. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 25. FREE Shipping by Amazon . Other options New and used from $43.83. Steelbody Deluxe 6 Position Utility Weight Bench for Weightlifting and Strength.
  2. The Titan Fitness Loaded Fly Machine helps you develop your chest, back, shoulders, pecs, and deltoids all in one freestanding machine. Titan's fly machine features adjustable dual overhead variable resistance cams allowing each arm to operate independently for singular and collaborative conditioning
  3. A machine fly, alternatively called a seated lever fly or Pec Deck fly is a strength training exercise based on the free weight chest fly. As with the chest fly, the hand and arm move through an arc while the elbow is kept at a constant angle
  4. Title: Seated chest fly machine Primary muscle worked: Chest Secondary muscle worked: N/A Hand position: Neutral Direction of exertion: Frontal circular pres..

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  1. Chest exercise: Machine Fly This is a variation of the dumbbell chest fly using a machine with either a hand grip (described in this post) or elbow pads. Machine fly can be a useful companion exercise to the machine bench press. It allows you to work your chest muscles through a greater range of motion while keeping your body well supported
  2. Take your workout to the next level with the Plate Loaded Chest Press Machine from Titan Fitness®. This dedicated chest press machine lets you achieve incline and flat reps with a fully adjustable bench and lifting arm positions/angle. Easily set your incline or decline position with the 5 lifting arm positions, 5 back pad positions, 3 seat positions, and 13 bench depth positions. Show More.
  3. The chest fly or pectoral fly (abbreviated to pec fly) primarily works the pectoralis major muscles to move the arms horizontally forward. If medially (internally) rotated, it is assisted in this by the anterior (front) head of the deltoideus in transverse flexion
  4. Find out how to perform the dumbell chest fly correctly in this instructional film from Nuffield Health Personal Trainers. Build strength in your chest and a..
  5. Chest Superset 2: Flat Dumbbell Fly & Flat Dumbbell Press. Now we're going with a flat angle pairing. Grab one pair of dumbbells and make your way to the bench. Start with flyes so we can get a good stretch at the bottom and prepare those pec fibers to make room for the blood you'll pump into them with the presses. When you reach the 10th rep of the flys, start doing your presses with the.

The chest fly can be a difficult movement, and the angle that you're moving at can cause some damage if you do it either improperly or with too much weight. There are a couple of alternatives that I would suggest. The first I would suggest you jus.. The dumbbell chest fly can help open up your chest muscles. Chest openers may help reduce upper back pain, increase range of motion, and reduce tightness in the upper body. If you're doing dumbbell..

Find here online price details of companies selling Chest Press Machine. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Chest Press Machine for buying in India The machine fly doesn't target your inner chest. This is a myth. It is not possible to emphasize your inner chest. The only ways to produce more inner chest definition are to reduce your body fat level and keep building your chest using compound exercises. Another popular myth regarding the machine fly is that it stretches your pecs to give you a broader chest. Also known as the seated lever.

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Get an unbelievable upper body workout with the Ntaifitness® aeroEX-6036 Pec Deck and Chest Fly Machine. The machine allows for a range of motion adjustments to give all users a full, deep stretch, while uniquely designed articulating pec arms provide optimal pectoral and rear deltoid development This is Chest Fly Machine by Ashley Soden on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them chest fly machine. RedPrint Fitness. Follow. 2 days ago | 0 view. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 3:59. Chest Shredder- Free Fall Chest Fly (BUILD MUSCLE) Sasdeda Ceededa . 17:36. Best Chest Workouts To Increase Your Upper Chest (Dumbbell Pullovers, Guillotine Press, Flys) The Bodybuilding Nation. 2:26. Best Chest Exercise - Dumbbell Fly _ Flyes tips & technique, Hindi, India. The chest fly is unique because it strengthens the chest in a different and complementary way to push-ups or chest press. For some people, push-ups are not possible due to injuries or limitations. The chest fly is a great alternative when a push-up doesn't work. When you learn how to do a chest fly, you add to your portfolio of exercises for a more well-rounded upper body. For those who can. Chest fly machine. Chest fly machine. Here's all about the Chest fly machine that you need to know. POPULAR POSTS. 20 Finest Male Fitness Models And Their Story. Best Cardio Workout: The Best Option for Fitness. Female Fitness Models: Inspiration for your fitness journey ahead. POPULAR CATEGORY. Workout 97; Lifestyle 72; Health 58; Exercises 37; Nutrition 36; Weight Loss 28; Social 16.

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  1. Incline Chest Fly Machine (8A) Home / Incline Chest Fly Machine (8A) Make a choice: * 100x50x3 mm (max loading weight 300 kg) - €1.101,00 120x80x4 mm (max loading weight 400 kg) - €1.281,0
  2. This machine move keeps tension on your chest muscles for both the lifting and lowering parts of each rep, which isn't the case with free weights. RECOMMENDED: The Ultimate Chest Workout. As a.
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  4. The machine fly is an effective chest isolation exercise which is great for building muscle and strength. Now, this is a safe exercise for anyone when using proper form and it's a great tool for thoroughly isolating each pec muscle since you're developing more stabilizer muscles during the exercise. But, you want to make sure you're doing it properly if you want to get results. You see.
  5. For this inner chest exercise, we'll do the well-known pec-deck fly, which massively engages the inner chest.However! We'll apply a little technique to help us maximize time under tension.That is namely the 8 by 8 technique, which implies starting off with 8 reps, done with full range of motion, then another 8 with partial range [

Although pec deck and fly machines work the same muscle groups, Rizzo notes that to work out your chest, you only need two main exercises: a chest fly or a chest press, which you can do with a. This video is about My Movie 157. Create . Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business Chest Press Machines - Bench Press Machines. Chest Press Machine For Sale, Find the best quality, precise and durable weight machine here with Ntaifitness which is one of the leading gym equipment manufacturers.Buy Seated Chest Press Machine Online, Please rest assured to buy. Browsing for chest press machine for sale?Find a great range of chest fly machines and chest machines on sale The pec fly machine works your chest primarily. However, muscles at the front of your shoulders and even your abs get in on the action to assist and stabilize

The machine chest fly is an exercise targeting the chest. The motion is often compared to bear-hugging a tree trunk. In chest workouts, this exercise often follows compound moves such as the bench press. Benefits. Great for targeting the inner pecs; Less prone to bad form than the dumbbell version ; Great for burn-out sets at the end of a chest workout; Type: Strength Main Muscle Worked: Chest. i found this article on aol: The Pec Deck The myth: It's a super safe and very effective way to work your chest muscles. The truth: This apparatus, also called the chest fly machine, can overstretch the front of your shoulder and cause the muscles around the rear of your shoulder to stiffen. The result: Doing this movement frequently can lead to shoulder impingement syndrome Although I do tend to favor free weight movements over cable and machine variations in a lot of cases, this situation is one of the exceptions. or you can use the low to high angle if you're specifically trying to target that very upper portion of your chest. Dumbbell Flys Vs. Cable Flys: Wrap Up . Although both variations are acceptable, a cable fly is the best fly exercise as part of a. Chest fly machine in good condition. No weights included. Sold as seen in photograph. Pick up only in Gaerwen Anglesey. Van or trailer recommended as its very heavy. Will be scrapped if no takers. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Postage and packaging. The seller hasn't specified a postage method to United States. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request. Planet Fitness Chest Fly Machine - How to use the chest fly and rear delt exercise machine These are basic videos of how to use the machines at planet fitness. Saved by Mikki Stoval

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  1. The chest fly or pectoral fly (abbreviated to pec fly) primarily works the pectoralis major muscles to move the arms horizontally forward. If medially (internally) rotated, it is assisted in this by the anterior (front) head of the deltoideus in transverse flexion. If laterally (externally) rotated, the contribution of the deltoid is lessened and the pec major is strongly emphasized as the.
  2. item 4 Technogym Turbo Independent BUTTERFLY Pec Fly Gym Chest Exercise Machine 3 - Technogym Turbo Independent BUTTERFLY Pec Fly Gym Chest Exercise Machine. $895.00. item 5 Cybex VR3 Total Access Chest Press Strength Training Machine 4 - Cybex VR3 Total Access Chest Press Strength Training Machine. $1,095.00 . item 6 Life Fitness CMCP Cable Motion Chest Press & Chest Fly Machine 5 - Life.
  3. The machine fly: this variation of the fly is done using an exercise machine specifically designed for the chest fly. These are usually made to have a fairly flat strength curve, making it equally challenging throughout the entire range of motion. The cable fly: this variation of the fly is done by standing between two cable stacks. It's often said to be the most optimal variation because it.
  4. A chest fly is a strength training exercise that focuses on the pectoralis major — two broad, fan-shaped muscles that are often referred to collectively as simple 'the pectorals.'The exercise is usually performed on a weight bench using dumbbells, or can alternatively be carried out in an upright position using a specialized machine. The chest fly is considered to be an excellent exercise to.

Cable chest flys are also a great way to work your pectoral muscles while sparing your joints. One of the main functions of the chest muscles is to adduct your arm across your body, says Openfit's fitness specialist Cody Braun. That's exactly what the cable chest fly does. This is a great option for those who experience discomfort in their joints during th So building a bigger chest is on your agenda. That's fair enough. The same can be said for many guys who regularly hit the gym. But before you head straight for the bench press, let us explain a. The chest fly machine (also called pec fly machine) only targets one group of muscles - the chest. Available in two models, seated and supine, these machines are equipped with pads for increased comfort and allow you to adjust the distance between the pads. Although exercises done with this gym machine also involve triceps and shoulders, these only act as stabilizers, so they are not pumped.

Manufacturer of Free Weight Series - Machine Chest Fly Hammer, Leg Curl Leg Extention, Hamstring Machine Hammer and Deadlift Shoulder Shrug Machine offered by M/s The Hind, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh The machine chest fly is arguably the best isolation lift for guys with stubborn chests. The benefits of the machine fly are that they put constant tension on your pecs throughout the entire range of motion and you have good leverage to use heavy weights, making this a great exercise for building up the size of your chest. I'm tempted to say that this is the best isolation exercise for your. Seated Chest Fly Machine. What it's supposed to do: Train chest and shoulders. What it actually does: It can put the shoulder in an unstable position and place excessive stress on the shoulder.

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Flying machines; Ground Vehicles; Home / Search; Creations Search. Filters. Keyword(s) Themes. Ancient Asian Futurist Medieval Modern Other. Sizes. Small Medium Large Huge. Order by. Date Rate Download Random. Order direction. Descending Ascending. File format. Schematic World save. Categories. Arenas Castles Dungeons Entertainement Games Houses and shops Miscellaneous Redstone Temples Towers. The chest (pec) fly can be a demanding exercise for anyone, but when you do it right, you strengthen your pectoral muscles as well as your shoulders, biceps, triceps and wrists. If you've never tried the exercise before, get clearance from your doctor before you begin, especially if you're dealing with an injury or a medical condition. Always use proper form and get a fitness professional. A chest fly requires a big range of motion and you'll definitely be feeling it the next day! Be sure to bend your elbows and squeeze through your pectorals as you go. You can make this move harder by taking your feet up off the ground into tabletop if you like.This move challenges your arm and chest strength and will help you build a beautiful, strong upper body! Don't be afraid to go. The chest fly is a core training staple—but are you sure you're even doing the exercise correctly? For this basic gym necessity, you shouldn't settle for anything other than perfect form. Play chess on Chess.com - the #1 chess community with +30 million members around the world. Play online with friends, challenge the computer, join a club, solve puzzles, analyze your games, and learn from hundreds of video lessons. You can also watch top players and compete for prizes

Bid History for BODYMASTER CHEST FLY MACHINE Auction Start Date: 05/22/20 9:32 AM ET Auction End Date: 05/29/20 6:57 PM ET Asset ID: 1674 Number of Bids: 43. Loading bid history... More Photos Less Photos . BODYMASTER CHEST FLY MACHINE : Auction Closed High Bidder: d*****n Sold Amount: $1,175.00: Tax (5.300000%): $65.39 Buyer's Premium (5.00%): $58.75: Total Price: $1,299.14: View Bid History. The pec deck is an effective way to strengthen your primary chest muscle. Use it as part of a comprehensive upper-body routine Chest fly machine; Chest fly machine Muscoli coinvolti nel movimento: a) principali: - m. grande pettorale, - m. deltoidi; b) ausiliari: - m. bicipite brachiale capo corto, - m. coracobrachiale. Posizione di partenza 1) Seduti sulla macchina. Schiena ben appoggiata allo schienale. 2) Piedi leggermente divaricati, ben fermi a terra. 3) Le braccia appoggiano sulle impugnature della. Incline Chest Fly Machine 8A044. Strong workout for the upper and middle part of the chest with the Incline Chest Fly Machine. Smooth independent arm movement gives you the feel of free weights in all amplitudes of your arm movement. Adjustable seat. 1 weight plates storage. Steel frame version: 100x50x3 mm (Maximum load 300 kg) Initial weight: 5 kg; 120x80x4 mm (Maximum load 400 kg) Initial.

The chest fly is an exercise that targets the chest muscles. Women often avoid chest training, but neglecting your chest can create muscle imbalances in the body that can lead to bad posture, injuries and the inability to perform other exercises correctly. If you want a sculpted, beautiful and healthy body you need to work all muscle groups. DEMONSTRATION. SETS AND REPS. Start with 2 sets of. Adjust the seat height so that the handles are level with your mid-chest (around nipple level) and the handles are positioned no deeper than chest level (level with the front of your chest). Grasp the handles firmly with a full grip (thumbs clasped around the handles) and maintain a neutral wrist position (i.e., wrists in line with your forearms). Position your feet firmly on the floor or on. Chest Flys can be performed in many ways. You can do dumbbell, machine, cable chest flys and even floor flys. You can do them flat, incline or even on a stability ball. Avoid decline flys {and every other decline chest exercise} as it is unnecessary and waste of your workout energy A chest press machine can also be known as a machine chest press, seated chest press or simply chest press. A chest press is similar to many bench press and weight benches, but its upright position is preferred by many athletes trying to put less strain on their shoulders. Consider the following before buying a chest press machine: Look for a chest press machine that offers a variety of handle. The chest fly machine is a great way to strengthen your chest and improve posture. Prefer to use dumbbells? Here's how: http://bit.ly/SSupperbody

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Chest Machines for Sale. Canada's Largest Selection of Chest Press Machines. Talk to an Expert & Get the Best Prices on Chest Press Machines Today Chest Fly Machine. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Facebook. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Sign Up. See more of NIT Delhi Gymkhana on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of NIT Delhi Gymkhana on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account . Not Now. English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil. Free Delivery, Huge Range of Plate Loaded And Cable Chest Machines, Train You're Chest From All Angles, Top Brands, Commercial Or Home Gym, For Low Prices And 0% Interest Free Credit On Available At Powerhouse Fitness. Customer Services: 0141 737 2249 or 0141 876 3972 Sales: 0141 737 2250 or 0141 876 3976. 9 Stores Nationwide. Home page; Sign in; Create an account; Search. Store Finder Try. It seems less likely, though, that this same depth of chest physiology knowledge extends to the pec fly. Whether performed on a bench, a cable machine, or a pec deck, this exercise provides that. The TRX Chest Flye is a controlled exercise, which means your muscles will be engaged throughout the entire lift. This is great for building stability and balance in core while developing the pecks. Use the TRX Chest Flye in conjunction with the other TRX exercises below. Step 1: Grasp the handles with each hand, palms facing each other. Start in the up position with your legs at a position.

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Using heavy weights also means that you are likely to engage your triceps over your chest muscle. Incline Dumbbell Fly Variation As with the flat bench fly, try turning your palms toward you as you lift the dumbbells, then squeeze you pectorals at the top. You can perform two kinds of wrist rotations to contract your chest muscles better: (1) Rotate your wrists so that your pinky fingers come. 大胸筋の仕上げマシントレーニングとして最適なチェストフライ(バタフライ)のやり方を動画付きで解説します 322 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'chestflymachine' hashta

Nautilus Next Generation 10 degree Chest Fly. Very smooth. Great shape. Must pick up . Dimensions 48 x 32 x 60. Nautilus Neck and Should (seated shrug) machine available for sale Start Saving Money NOW, find the Best online Deals and Sales at Product Shopper. Today's Best Deals from across the web. Discover all Sales at Product Shopper Machine Chest Fly. Instructions. Adjust the the back support and handles, so that you can grip the handles in shoulder height, and get a long range of motion. With just a slight bend in the arms, push the handles forward until they meet in front of your body. With control, let the handles go back to the starting position. Commentary. Machine chest fly is an isolation exercise for the chest and. Inner Chest Exercises; Pec Deck Flys (Machine) Pec Deck Flys (Machine) Performance Description. Adjust the seat so that when the handles are grasped your upper arms are parallel with the ground, i.e. the angle of your elbow joints is 90 degrees. Note that once you are seated and in position, your arms should be open with your elbows out to the sides; if not contraindicated (by previous injury. The average chest press entered by men on Strength Level is heavier than the average machine chest fly. The bodyweight of men entering chest press lifts on Strength Level is on average less heavy than those entering machine chest fly lifts

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chest press machine; Skip to page navigation. Filter. chest press machine. All; Auction; Buy It Now; Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Time: ending soonest; Time: newly listed ; Price + Shipping: lowest first; Price + Shipping: highest first; Distance: nearest first; View: Gallery View. List View. 1-25 of 50 Results. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Precor Icarian CHEST PRESS Commercial Gym Exercise. Decline Fly; Fly; Pullover. on apparatus; on arched bench; Lever (plate loaded) Bench Press. Barbell Machine; Chest Dip; Chest Press; Decline Chest Press. alternative machine; Wide Grip Chest Press; Lever (selectorized) Chest Dip. alternative machine; Flies Bent-over Fly (iron cross) Decline Fly; Lying Fly; Pec Deck Fly. Decline; Seated Fly.

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The machine fly with elbows bent is transverse adduction and the bench fly with elbows (almost) straight is transverse flexion. I don't know if the pectoralis major itself distinguishes between the two. However, bending a joint can affect what muscle is used for a lift BFT1062 Wholeale Pec Fly Machine - Adjustable Seated Chess Press Machine; BFT1058 Wholesle Tire Flip 180 Machine; BFT1018 Wholesale Seated Leg Extension Hammer Strength Machine; BFT4002 Best Abdominal Exercise Machine For Gym Use - Ab Glider; BFT4001 Abdominal Machine - Ab Glider For Sale; BFT1017 Seated Dip Machine / Triceps Exercise Machine ; BFT1016 Biceps and Preacher Curl Machines For. How to do Machine Reverse Fly: Step 1: Sit down with your upper body flat against the pad and your feet on the floor in front of you. Step 2: Next, grab hold of the horizontal handles provided. This is the starting position. Step 3: Begin exercise by contracting your rear delts and middle trap muscles while you bring your arms back. Step 4: Keep a slight bend in your elbows as you pull the. Play online with other chess fans. Whether you're looking for a social free chess game or a competitive rated game, there are always couple of players to choose from. Game description » Search for more help: Game features. Play online against others ; Meet your friends and chat; Customizable game settings ; Ratings and statistics ; Tournaments; Play in full screen; Save and analyze your games.

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Type Of Chest Press Machine: Butterfly. PEC DEC FLY/BUTTER FLY. Thermo Blow Engineers. Bawana, Delhi C-126, Sector 01, Bawana Industrial Area, Bawana, Delhi - 110039, Delhi. TrustSEAL Verified Verified Exporter. Company Video. Call +91-8045356267. Contact Supplier Request a quote. Baba Pec Deck Machine. Rs 26,000/ Piece Get Latest Price. Brand: Baba. Material: MS. Size/Dimension: 57L x 34W x. The seated chest press machine, is comfortable for your body while allowing you to lift heavier weight with more control. In this exercise, the movement comes from the shoulders and elbows. The Setup Start by adjusting the seat height. When seated and grasping the handles, your hands should be in line with your chest—not above or below it. Lift or lower the seat to align your hands with your.

The ultimate pectoral isolation tool, This accessory is guaranteed to add size and shape to your chest and deltoids Simply one of the best pec-fly machines ever made. You will feel the difference on the very first rep. $229.00. Availability: In stock. SKU. WB-PFA19. Qty. Add to Cart. Skip to the end of the images gallery . Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Details. Though it. Seated machine chest press. Muscles worked: Pectoralis major, anterior and lateral deltoids, and triceps. Essentially, this is the chest press machine in your gym or rec center. This exercise. Chest and shoulder machines - pec machines, shoulder presses, ab machines, chest presses and more. Buy from the UK's number 1 fitness equipment specialist. Next day delivery and flexible finance available

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Jan 24, 2019 - Personal trainer Ian is demonstrating the chest fly machine. The chest fly is a great exercise for the whole pectoral (upper chest area) region. The chest fly machine allows you to adjust the handles to fit your preferred position and maximize your results. This workout also encourages you to pinch your shoulder blades together (when your arms open), which helps combat poor. What you're working: Chest, biceps, triceps. Why it's worth it: The chest press machine is a similar motion to a push-up, Munro says. If you're new to working out, building up your. Replaces: Pec Deck / Chest Fly Machine. Next, it's time to incorporate a movement that will enable us to emphasize the inner chest a little more in this workout. Which is difficult to do with standard push-ups. That's because we can't actually get our arms across our bodies to fully contract the chest through horizontal adduction. But we can do so with this exercise by getting into the.

Have you tried a chest fly on a weight machine? Both a weight machines and a chest fly are an essential part of lifting weights and strength training. This fitness how-to video tutorial demonstrates strengthening the chest with flies on a machine. Learn tips and techniques for working out the chest, back, shoulders, and arms in this weightlifting video The chest fly is similar to a chest press in that you lie on an exercise bench with your knees bent up on the bench. With the fly you start by holding light dumbbells straight up in the air, palms. The machine fly also known as a seated lever fly or a Pec Deck is a common machine found at any local gym, it consists of a small base and seat to sit on with a vertical post that has two arms on either side that you squeeze together to perform a chest fly. The seat can be adjusted so that it can support different body types and the arms can usually be moved up or down so that you can work.

Gold's Gym XRS 50 Weight SystemPlate-Loaded Bench Press - YouTubePeck Deck - Simples e eficiente - YouTubeBest Chest Workout: Follow The 9 Chest ExercisesDecline Dumbbell Fly - HASfit Lower Chest Exercise

We'll also compare the Standing Chest Fly and Seated Chest Fly. Finally, we will discuss the role of Pectoris Major and Pectoris Minor in Cable Flys. Cable Flys on The Cable Machine. The functional trainer (better known as the cable machine) is a dual pulley machine that allows the athlete to perform various rows, flys, and presses. Rows and. Nautilus Chest Fly $ 1,450.00. This is a commercial piece of equipment from a health club. It is used but in overall good condition. There will be some blemishes and signs of wear and tear, but it will be in proper working order. We provide a 60-day purchase warranty on this unit. This is an incredible deal Cable crossover flys work the pectoralis minor muscles, in addition to the primary pectoralis major muscles. The pectoralis minor lie beneath the pectoralis major, and run somewhat vertically from the upper aspect of the chest (near the supraspinatus tendon) to connect at several lower ribs in the chest. The purpose of the pectoralis minor are to stabilize the shoulder blade (scapula), and to. Do the Pec Fly Machine & Dumbbell Fly Work the Same Muscle?. A complete strength-training routine would include exercises targeting all of the major muscle groups, including the upper-body muscles such as the chest and arms. Among the exercises that focus on this region are the pec deck exercise, which. Commercial Multifunction Cable Crossover/chest Fly Machine , Find Complete Details about Commercial Multifunction Cable Crossover/chest Fly Machine,Chest Fly Machine,Cable Crossover Machine,Chest Fly Machine from Other Sports & Entertainment Products Supplier or Manufacturer-Guangzhou Aolite Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd The dumbbell reverse fly works just as effectively as any machine (and it takes up a lot less space, too). Here's how to do the reverse fly, and some variations you can add into your workout routine. How to Do the Reverse Fly With Perfect Form. Stand with your feet hips-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Hinge at the hips (press the hips back as you lower your chest) until your.

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